We promise that failed areas (defined as blistering & peeling) because of poor workmanship or materials will be repaired at no cost to the guarantee holder for a period of two years from the date of issue of the guarantee. ONLY failed areas as previously defined will be repaired.

We promise to complete guarantee work at the specific preparation level originally contracted.


1. Call the Sales Rep within the two year period
2. Your contract must be presented before any guarantee work will be approved
3. You must call before July 1st to have the warrantied work completed that year
4. Your claim will be serviced within 60 days, once approved



Any work for which Northern Breeze was not paid in full. Your contract must be presented before any guarantee work will be approved.
Any work on which other contractors were involved.
Any work for which the client supplied the paint.

Paint Properties

Problems resulting from the previous paint systems which at the time of the estimate could not be seen by visual inspection (also see Unforeseen Conditions).
Mold and mildew are growths which can occur on a paint film. Their growth on a paint surface has no connection with a paint job itself. Therefore, we do not guarantee against mildew.

Specific Items

Wooden Gutters.
Galvanized Metal.
Parts of a building where a moisture problem exists and has not been rectified.
Horizontal surfaces which allow moisture to collect are naturally prone to rapid paint failure. Therefore all areas of porches. floors, stairs, railings and decks are not guaranteed.
All varnished areas.
Factory finished areas (like baked on finishes) contracted to be painted by the client.


The contract is based upon a visual inspection of the surface prior to starting the work. Should problems arise which could not be foreseen by a visual inspection prior to starting work, the client must pay an agreed upon extra amount for the remedial work necessary to rectify the unforeseen condition. An example of such a condition is the failure of a previous paint system which at the time of the estimate was not clear and evident. This can occur on both older buildings with numerous layers of paint and newer homes which have a delamination between paint layers or if lead paint is detected or if it is a stucco failure versus paint failure.

Colours must be chosen by the client  two weeks prior to commencement of the work. If after the job starts, a colour change is requested. Project managers will have to charge for time and material expenses applying on and/or over the original colour.

The proposal is valid from the date of which it was written until the expiry date. If an expiry date has not been written in, the contract is valid for 30 days.

Privacy Policy
The information you provide on the form and other information we collect about you (including name, contact information, identification information, credit information and other information relating to the supply of our services) is used for the supply of our services by ourselves which includes customer service, billing, accounting and collections. Northern Breeze Ltd. may record calls to and from its customer service representatives for purposes of accuracy, performance reviews and training. Northern Breeze Ltd. does not give your personal information to third parties for their own use.

Northern Breeze Ltd. is a registered corporation in the province of Ontario