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Exterior Painting 101

Is the exterior paint of your Muskoka cottage or home flaking or peeling on the walls or trim, is the paint looking faded? These are key indicators that the old product is no longer performing and a re-coat is necessary. If your building is wood and the texture of the siding or trim is very rough and porous, the original coating may have worn off and need maintenance. Contact us and a painting expert can explore your options. We may need to schedule a free 90-minute appointment with a paint representative. An exterior paint representative will take a look at your house, cottage or other building, walk around assess the scope of the project with you, provide their expert opinion and feedback and finally, write up a no obligation estimate proposal on the spot if necessary. Catching these cottage and house painting maintenance projects early can save you a ton as you're tackling the issue before a significant amount of preparation is required prior to re-coating.

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Exterior Painters Muskoka

- Our Exterior Process -

  • Schedule an estimate with us via email, phone or online; all at no cost or obligation. A 90-minute session allows a professional from our team to come out to your property, meet with you and assess your cottage or house painting project. We pride ourselves in thorough estimates that are incredibly detailed, easy to understand and tailored to the exact project you're looking to have done. The painting representative will walk you through the quote; to cover the scope of the project and ensure you understand all the details.

  • When you are happy with the quote and choose Northern Breeze for your painting project, a 10% deposit is taken today, with the remaining balance due on completion.

  • The sales representative will arrange your project into the production schedule to fit work loads and your schedule. Your project will be handed to a production supervisor who will then become your main point of contact for your project.

  • The production supervisor will follow up roughly two weeks out, and again a couple of days before the job starts. Please be aware these dates can change slightly due to unpredictable weather.

  • The production supervisors are experts in the production process and can answer any questions once the job starts. You are always more than welcome to follow up with the sales representative if you have questions after the estimate. 

  • When you are ready to get started lets us know and we will handle the rest. We look forward to working with you soon!

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